Version 1.1.0

December 15, 2020

- new pages: Invoice (/user-invoice),
  User messages (/user-messages),
  User messages - Conversation (/user-messages-detail),
  Knowledge Base (/knowledge-base),
  Knowledge Base - Topic(/knowledge-base-topic),
  Terms & Conditions (/terms)
- next/image: <img> elements converted to new Next.js Image component. Read more on Next.js and in our docs
- new icon component: new component for using Orion Icons. Read more
- new svg icons component: new component for cached loading of svg sprites.
- new: much simpler Map component importing
- improved optimization & performance
- improved IE support
- new: Object-Fit polyfill (_app.js, package.json)
- updated packages: NPM update, Next.js (10.0.3)
- new: next-react-svg, next-compose-plugin (next.config.js)
- fixed: named exports
- fixed: display issues in Comparison Page (compare.js)
- improved: Google Fonts Loading (package.json, Layout.js)
- improved: Font Awesome moved to _app.js & removed CDN (_app.js, Layout.js)
- improved: Swiper SCSS moved into _swiper.scss & removed CDN (_app.js, Layout.js)
Version 1.0.0

June 30, 2020

Initial Release